About Us 

TFC was founded in 2003. We are a government recognized Exporter / Importer / Wholesaler / Distributor / Trader in Taiwan . 

We are specializing in Airsoft Gun / Air Gun field and our team leader who already has more than 20 years' experience in this field and business .

We are taking care of many brands' Airsoft Gun / Air Gun / Up grade Parts / Accessories ( CNC cutting Up Grade Parts are included . ) . 

Besides Airsoft Gun / Air Gun , We are also taking care of Crossbow / Archery / Blow Gun / Slin- Shot /Accessories . 

What kind of Airsoft Gun / Air Gun do we have ?

Please see the list as below

We wish we could be our customers' good partner .

We always try our best to give all our customers good service and best support .
These are our main job and main policies . Please do not hesitate to come to us .
We'll be your good partner for success in Airsoft gun / Air Gun business
Your Success is My Success . Your Happy is My Happy .